Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Transition to a Healthier Life

Hey Y'all! It has been forever. Photography season was is at an all time high. Between staying home with Peanut 5 days, working 2 days outside the home, and working on photography between every nook and cranny, it sure has been awhile. A lot has changed, as usual.

Our grocery and eating habits have changed the most!  About 4 months ago, I started making more and more things homemade. It started out as a way to save money and live more simply. Over time, we started reaping and rolling in the benefits. It was amazing to see how different foods and simple things like ingredients and the way they were prepared made such a huge difference to our bodies and nourishment. We were fuller faster and for longer.

I started seeing more and more information about processed food. So, we started cutting it out. Trying to limit things with less than 5 ingredients.

About three weeks ago, I saw this documentary:

This was such an eye opener! As someone who has battled weight issues my whole life, I quickly realized that sugar was indeed the culprit. I had gestational diabetes with Peanut and had to go on a very low carb diet. I actually had to be taken off that diet because I was losing too much weight while pregnant. I lost 10 lbs in about 2 weeks.

This led me on a complete quest. I eventually saw more and more documentaries about: GMO, how foods are processed, organic vs mass production.

I could not believe my eyes. I don't want to go into the political realm, but after seeing a handful of these films, they all pointed to the same thing: processed foods and refined sugar. The US is the absolute top of obesity in the world. Just because you are skinny on the outside, doesn't mean you're not obese internally. <---- That was the biggest eye opener!

Literally one week after going on this "quest", our sweet fertility Dr put me on a type of sugar detox. No simple carbs (cookies, cake, etc), bread, pasta, corn, potatoes, soda, etc.

I truly believe God opened my eyes to this to make my transition to this diet easier! Thank you, Oh Lord!

So, here's what we as a family are/have been doing:

  • No processed foods (or very, very little)
  • Packing healthy lunches for work
  • Eating organic as much as possible
  • Limiting Peanut's sugar intake (no more animal crackers, poptarts, etc)
  • Lots of fresh/frozen fruits or veggies
  • Eating lots of meat and fish
  • Drinking 75% less soda, drinking 75% more water
  • Taking vitamins
  • Cooking vs eating out (or doing so wisely- big salad vs big mac)
  • Peanut- Only milk or water, no juice(been this way for 6 months, before it was diluted juice)
  • Realizing we only have one body
  • Proving to the world how big of a hippie I am =]
  • Spending the exact same amount on groceries each month!
Hard to believe that last one, but 100% true! =]

I plan to do a video, post, something to show you truly how I grocery shop from start to finish. I usually end up starting one and being too self concious in front of the camera to finish it =/ But I'll get it, I promise!!

Happy day, frugal friends!

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