Sunday, November 23, 2014

How I Grocery Shop

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6 Steps to Grocery Shopping on a Budget

  • Set a budget
    • Average is $100 per person, per month
  • Make a meal plan
    • Use theme nights "Taco Tuesday"
    • Use a fun meal plan calendar
  • Make a list
    • Make your list of just everything you will need for all recipes for your meal plan, lunches, breakfasts, etc
  • Shop Your Pantry
    • Go through everything you have and mark things off your list
    • Recreate a final shopping list
  • Shop your List
    • Try to go alone if you're new to budget shopping
    • Stick to your list!!
    • Try to find organic alternatives to things on your list if you wish and your budget allows it!
  • Use CASH!

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