Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend at the Lake- Day 2 9/6

Day 2 started off with a big breakfast! With REAL bacon (we eat Turkey bacon, so this was a big deal). After breakfast, everyone was kind of just sitting around, digesting, and waking up a bit more.
Peanut being 2.5 (as of today) was just not having it! He needed to be outside and fast!! I let him run around for a bit, and decided to take a hike. A few people decided to join us. It didn't end up being much of anything. The trail behind our cabin didn't go much of anywhere and it was pretty brutal for the kids.
After, the kids wanted to all get in the hot tub. Peanut LOVES the water, so he also had to try it out.

After the kids got out, everyone got dressed and we decided to go to the actual Monroe Lake which was about a mile from our cabin.
It was so beautiful! It was pretty overcast that day, but I think that made it look incredible!
Of course Hubs had to reenact the Lion King...
All the kids (and adults) enjoyed skipping rocks and playing near the water.
We found a trail so we [skipped] off towards it!
It was definitely a lot more fun and less challenging than the one behind our cabin!
Peanut being the little fish that he is...decided that skipping rocks wasn't fun enough...
...he had to get in and experience the fun!!! Just goes to show that even with 6 adults present, how quickly little ones can get in the water! Hubs grabbed him as quickly as it happened, but he was already half way soaked, so we figured...oh well. Let him jump in!
The other kids didn't quite go as far...(doesn't my 4-year-old niece look much older with those long legs??)
Everyone just kind of hung out for a bit. Taking in the beautiful sites, skipping rocks, and diving right in! ;]
We headed back to the cabin and played some corn hole. The games got pretty intense! The birthday boy (Hubs) and Scotty went undefeated! (barely!) ;]
Then, it started raining a bit. At this point, it was about the middle of the day. We ate some lunch and watched Mrs. Doubtfire.
Almost everyone took a little nap ;]
While the boys got the fire/grill ready. The girls were inside with kiddos getting the food ready.
Leonard helped me top off the cake with some more icing while I made my homemade fries!
Scotty photobombing
Hubs blew out his candles...
...and peanut helped him open a few gifts.
The look on his face when he found out his Best Buy GC had $50 on it!
We cleaned up everything and headed outside!
We all just hung out and had lots of laughs!
Leonard was very interested in helping me "take pics". She also liked posing for several ;]
Peanut ended the night with his very first Smore!
Well, technically he took one last dip in the hot tub!

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