Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekend at the Lake- Day 1 9/5

As many of you know, our family is visiting Lake Monroe this weekend. Lake Monroe is one of (or is) the biggest lake in Indiana. It sits in the hills of Bloomington, IN. It is absolutely stunning! Since 5/8 of our party are sleeping, I thought I'd do some blogging/sharing of my photos thus far!

We got a cabin just a couple of miles from the Lake. We are celebrating the Hubs birthday (9/7- the big 2-5!). It's Hubs, Peanut, Mimi (Hubs' Mom), Scotty (Hubs' Stepdad), Uncle Jas (Hubs' brother), Aunt Short (Hubs' SIL), CJ (our nephew), Leonard (our niece), and myself. (Obviously some names have been changed).

The first day was pretty much everyone arriving and getting settled. There is one bedroom, a loft area with 2 pull-out beds, then couches downstairs with 2 pull-out beds, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, a laundry closet, and a game room: complete with a pool table, dart board, stereo, and tv. The porch wraps around and features tons of outdoor seating and even kayaks! & there is one last thing: A HOT TUB! =]

We played some games, watched some movies, and the grown ups hit the hot tub! What a fun first night!

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