Friday, August 29, 2014

Our Day In Pictures 8/29/14

There were just too many precious pictures to not share. So, here was our day in pictures.





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Discovering New Things

Yes, it has literally been almost half a year since I posted last. I almost had a blog post up a couple of days ago and that night, my laptop got a virus and I had to get a new one. =/

Summer is coming to a close. The Hubs just started school and September is about to get crazy!! So much planned!

As a photographer, it is ridiculously easy to get burnt out. I have taken so many camera phone pictures this summer just because it feels like my big camera is for business only! I haven't really done any shots for myself recently. This is so important. Especially since there is only benefits to doing so. I get wonderful keepsake pictures and I find the joy in photography once again.

I have been wanting to do a creek session since I first saw the idea. A tiny little boy, in suspenders wading through the water. Just the pure bliss of picturing it in my head brings a calm warmth over me. Moving here just over a year ago, I set out to find some good shooting locations near us. Someone suggested McCloud Nature Park.

It was PERFECT from other photographers pictures! I had found a cute pair of capris with suspenders from H&M. I went online to order, and they were sold out! =[ I said, ehh who needs a styled shoot anyways. So Liam & I packed up and headed out for the 35 minute journey.

I am a complete city girl, but growing up on the outskirts, being outside in the fresh country air just instantly calms me. I can get so impatient, irritated, and exhausted just driving to Walmart sometimes. As soon as we hit those cornfields and blue skies, I was in the most surreal heaven available to me on Earth.

I guess I didn't exactly get 'nature park'. We pulled up and I was pleasantly surprised by how big HUGE it was. I set off to find the creek. It was pretty easy to find. As soon as Liam saw it, he wanted to go right in! I swear, he probably could have stayed there for hours!
We got out and I decided to explore the rest. We headed back to the car and put on some dry clothes. Liam grabbed himself a snack-as usual.

I have heard about this amazing bridge there for months! I decided to go look for it. Liam and I set off for our nature trek. He was seriously astonished! He kept saying "flowers", picking up rocks, and just gazing up at the swaying trees. He loved the bridge and looking at the "wah wah". Unknowingly, we were hiking on the trails for about an hour and a half when I realized what time it was.

Before we left, we stopped in to explore the Nature Center. It was pretty neat, but probably more for school age kids. Although they did have cute little stuffed creatures Liam liked playing with, along with puzzles and books.

Half way home, I finally regained cell signal and saw that Kyle had called and was home early. I swung by the house to pick him up, and we went to grab lunch. Since I was feeling "small-townish", we decided to try out this place we had seen a couple of times. It's a 50's Diner. It was pretty cool. Nothing 'knock your socks off', but I would go again!

I had meant to stop by an ice cream shop I saw on the way to the nature park, but had accidentally passed it. We grabbed a McDonalds cone after lunch instead. Liam (& Trixie) loved the cones.
Then of course, everyone had to get sprayed down.

Then it was time for a shower.

Some play time.
& a cheesy knock-off movie on Netflix.

I am so very thankful and blessed. I have jobs that allow me to stay home 5-6 days a week with my son. I have a working vehicle that allows me to explore new places. I have the privilege of living in a wonderful city that allows me room to evolve. I have my health that allows me to walk hand-in-hand with my toddler. Most importantly, I have many beautiful creations just given to me by God to bask in. I'm over-whelmed and ridiculously humbled. Happy Friday Frugal Friends. <3

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