Friday, August 23, 2013

My Top 5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Got Pregnant

As we are contemplating baby number 2..ya know, once my checklist is complete and all... There are some things I am definitely doing different this time. Sure, last time was unexpected, but it really shouldn't have been. If you're thinking of having your first baby, this is the list for you.

1. Think Financially
Yes, babies are totally cute and adorable, but their first year alone can cost you $6,000. Not including the Dr. & hospital bills. Sure, you can buy everything used (except the car seat & probably crib), and you can use a midwife/home birth to make it cheaper, but we're still talking big bucks people! Use this nifty baby cost calculator. Some of their median prices are a bit high for my area, but they are priced for new things. If you're serious about starting a family, hit your local Once Upon a Child or other children's consignment store and price out some different things. You'll get a general idea. If you're planning to breast feed and cloth diaper, pretend that you're not. Trust me, they may not always work out for as long as you plan, or sadly, at all. You want to be PREPARED! Also, once you have your yearly amount, divide that by 12, and start saving! If your child will cost $6000 his first year, start saving $500 a month! With all this being said, yes, I know that starting a family means more to you (and myself) than any amount of money in the world, but you will have to be able to make it work. You have to for your future family. So take my advice, and do it right! Also, think about whether you will want to stay home? Can your spouse afford on the new items on his income alone?

2. Work on Yourself
Let's be realistic, if you're at your peak physical fitness, you are probably ready to rock. However; most of us would be happy to lose a couple of pounds. Depending on your current weight, you may gain a lot, and it will be harder to lose. Find a comfortable weight. Once you do that, you will be feeling better physically and emotionally, and probably mentally too. This doesn't just go for weight. During pregnancy, most food is blahh the first trimester. If you start eating healthier, it will easier to make the transition to those foods once your test is positive! I ate healthy the first two weeks, then when I had morning sickness the next 24 weeks, I pretty much ate the greasiest foods I could because that's all my stomach could handle. I should have been eating veggies and fruits, instead of my usual junk, which I would get sick off of, which in turn led me to nasty fast food. Trust me, the sooner you make the switch to healthy the better! Also, buying and taking pre-natal vitamins before you're preggo never hurt a girl either!

3. Give Up Bad Habits
If you smoke or drink, now is the time to give it up! I think I speak for the majority of people that get a bad taste in their mouth when they see a preggo smoking. Also, notice that dropping caffeine is crucial in the first trimester. It is said to be a leading cause of first trimester miscarriages and no one wants that! Personally, with all that morning sickness, sprite is a better option anyways! Be sure to drink a lot of water. I was never really a water person. For one, it can help your morning sickness, it gives your body and amniotic sac more fluid, and it has no sugar or caffeine. Trust me, it's your best bet, starting drinking it up now vs soda!

4. Research
Yes, with anything life-altering, research SHOULD be done. Don't just think, oh, let's have a baby. You need to go through this list, look through blogs, look through the changes you will go through during and after. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it can also be scary and stressful. Not to mention, once you're actually a parent. Can you deal with all this in the short span of 9 months and the 18 years to follow. Do your research! That way, you can ultimately decide if you're ready.

5. Buy in Bulk
So you've decided to go ahead huh? First tip as a new mom, you'll need to save as much money as possible. Start it off right, start buying pregnancy tests in bulk! You can pay anywhere from $7-$20 for those name brand pee sticks! Why?? They all work the same way! Trust me, if you're pregnant, you're pregnant! So, if you know you will be trying, you'll want a decent amount of them, and you SHOULD better not spend a ton of money! It's a total waste! You can order 25 of these from amazon for $15! If you're a prime member, you get free shipping too! You can also buy similar ones at Walmart for $0.86. They are the same ones they use at Planned Parenthood! I used one from the Dollar Tree when I found out! Don't throw your money away, you will need it!

So there you have it ladies. My top 5. Think you're ready? Got anything else that should be on here that wasn't? Do you agree with the list? Let me know, in the comments below!

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