Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheap & Easy Child-Proofing!

Hey Frugal Friends! Got another tip for you all today! This credit goes to my MIL. Hubs & I bought a cabinet child-proofing kit. Only to find out that we do not have the right cabinets. Ours are directly underneath the pull out drawer. We figured, well, guess we will have to return these and see if they have different ones..WRONG! (except for the returning part ;])

On moving day, my MIL used a hair tie to keep Peanut out of one of the drawers...BINGO! So simple, I can't believe we didn't think of it! We had a few rubber bands and a ton of hair ties, so here is what we did. (excuse the phone pics!)

It is easy to get into for us adults and impossible for our almost 15-month-old! 

So there ya have it! Cheap & Easy (and maybe a bit tacky?) child-proofing! Happy Day Frugal Friends!

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