Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Painting Crafts with Babies

Hello PC&S readers! This past weekend, I got crafty. Yes, believe it or not, all the crafts I attempted turned out! One thing I learned though, was how to craft with a kiddo!  So here is your Tuesday tip!

I decided for Father's Day this year, to do a craft project vs buying a card/gift. For one is drastically cheaper and it's also more personal. I will be doing this every holiday now until my kiddo is older.

I will do a post on what I did once Father's Day is over (so there are no spoilers!).

Anyways.. I came to a conclusion. If your kid is under 2 and you want to do footprints/handprints..stick to footprints. I tried to do handprints since my child is 15 months, but we will continue to do feet until he can know to open his hand. He kept clenching his fist because he was feeling the paint on his hand.  Here are some tips to make painting easier!

  • Do your project during naptime and after a meal-You'll thank me when you have a lax kid.
  • Set up your project during nap, meal, or play time- This way you can get it all set up & ready to go before heading to our next step
  • Use a highchair/booster seat.- When I did Peanut's Valentine's day gifts to people, I did not even think to do this. It would have helped out so much. You can keep them still so all you have to do is hold their foot as opposed to holding them!
  • Use a clipboard- Why did I never think of this?? I was one gift in when I realized, a clip board would be handy. Luckily, I had my beautiful $1 clipboard from Target in the drawer behind me. Absolute lifesaver!
  • Use one foot vs both feet. If you want/need to use both, do one at a time. Example, if you have several, do one foot print on each one, and then clean up and repeat!
Other tips
Really my best idea that included kiddos was painting. However; the best time do crafts is during naps or the kiddos bedtime. This way, if you're cutting, sewing, gluing, or painting, it will be done & mostly dry by the time they awake. 

More on my weekend project later! Happy Day Frugal Friends!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheap & Easy Child-Proofing!

Hey Frugal Friends! Got another tip for you all today! This credit goes to my MIL. Hubs & I bought a cabinet child-proofing kit. Only to find out that we do not have the right cabinets. Ours are directly underneath the pull out drawer. We figured, well, guess we will have to return these and see if they have different ones..WRONG! (except for the returning part ;])

On moving day, my MIL used a hair tie to keep Peanut out of one of the drawers...BINGO! So simple, I can't believe we didn't think of it! We had a few rubber bands and a ton of hair ties, so here is what we did. (excuse the phone pics!)

It is easy to get into for us adults and impossible for our almost 15-month-old! 

So there ya have it! Cheap & Easy (and maybe a bit tacky?) child-proofing! Happy Day Frugal Friends!

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