Thursday, May 30, 2013

How To Prolong Footie PJ's

Please excuse the crappy phone pic!

So as I was browsing my Frugal Mentor, Jordan Page's blog today..I came across this post.  Holy batman. The woman is genius. It's amazing the things we look past, that are really so simple. So here is my own version/story, of how to prolong footie PJs. 

First and foremost, my son is just like his momma...short & chubby (sorry for the crappy genes, Peanut!). He could easily wear size 6-9 months based off of his height. So it almost impossible to find footie PJs that actually fit. He wears between 12-18 months clothes, but in Pjs, he wears about 18 months, but they are always too long:

What you can do is, take a loose hair tie, and simply place it around their ankle, pushing the excess fabric underneath. (The hair tie is not too tight, but you can always remove it before bed, if you're worried, or stretch it out.)  Then you can fold it down a bit, so you can barely so:

This way, if you have a little shrimp like me..their PJs will actually fit. 

Frugal tip? The part that prolongs them, is that you can buy PJs one size bigger than they wear. This way, they don't grow out of their PJs in a month or two! Genius right?

There's your tip..even though it's not Tuesday, but it's not really my tip, I'm just spreading the knowledge from my own experience! Happy Day, Frugal Friends!

Full credit goes to Jordan Page of Fun, Cheap, or Free for the idea and inspiration for this post. 

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