Sunday, May 19, 2013

Getting Back To Square One

Hola PC&S readers. Since my previous post turned into a pity party, I needed to make a separate post to blog about what I actually logged on for, so here we go.

Hubs & I have fallen off the wagon, once again. I know what you're all thinking: "get it together, you are supposed to be the 'Savings Guru', quit being a hypocrite". You all are totally right, and I'm sorry.

We have been so worried about Disney and our new house, we have lost sight of a budget. Actually, we have lost sight of a budget for awhile. My excuse? Renting and roommates. That's right, I said it. No offense to our previous roomies, but it is tough having roommates and staying on a family budget. The more date nights they had, the more we wanted (two in one month, whoa). The more cooped up we all felt, the more we went out (and in essence, spent money). The list goes on and on. Not to mention, it is hard splitting bills and not necessarily being able to control the amount certain utilities are used. It is also hard to live in a new city, or one that has more to offer, and not want to go out and explore it.

We also have things like gym memberships and gymboree that haven't been being used. Only because there is no time to attend them. (Those will be shut off tomorrow, btw).

BUT...enough with the excuses. We are getting back to square one! When Hubs and I first moved out back in 2011 (holy cow, 2 years, really??!!) we were savings natzis. I made about double a paycheck than I do now, and Hubs was a little less than it is, so we were essentially making more than we do now, yet saving way more than we are right now. Here is how, and a friendly reminder to myself.

  • Save money on utilities.
    • When we first moved out on our own, we were so worried we would have no money for bills. We had one credit card at the time, which was a student card, so it had to be paid off every month, so we literally only relied on the money we had..since we had no savings! We would save money on utilities by turning off our AC (window AC) every time we left the house. Our home was so small, it only took about 15 to cool it down one we got back. Same went for our gas furnace in the winter. We also only did dishes when the sink was full, or washed our dishes right after we were done. We never did laundry unless we had a full load to do so. Like I said, our home was pretty small, so utilities weren't that much anyways.
  • Car pool
    • We worked pretty closely together, so we carpooled to work a lot. Now, we work pretty far away, so that would not necessarily work for us, but it may work for some of you.
  • Eating in vs eating out
    • Obviously, if we eat out we have coupons or order from the value menu, but still. When we first moved out we packed our lunches everyday and rarely ate out. In the city, we're constantly on the go, so we end up eating out, a lot. I rarely cook anymore, which I blame on circumstances, but once we move into the new place, I definitely plan on cooking every night! 
  • Working hard
    • I have been getting lazy, I'll admit. Work is my escape after being with Peanut all day. Sometimes I don't go in chipper or ready to work. When we first moved out, I knew I needed a job. I knew I needed hours. I would stay until the end of the day, even if everyone left early. Although I work a different job, I know I need to get back to that mindset.  It makes a huge difference.
  • Priorities
    • I have been slacking in the priorities department. I am caught up on my school work for the next week (yay), but my house..IS A MESS. Between getting packed for Disney, not unpacking from Disney, no washer and dryer, and moving, the house is just done. So I know, when we move, I for sure need to get caught up on the housework, at full speed ahead.
  • Peanut time
    • I have been so busy with everything, I have given up precious time with my peanut. He went from infant to toddler while we are on vacation, and I can not wait to move so I can reconnect with my favorite little guy!
Hope so of these tips help you all. I know I was a lot happier looking at a full bank account. It is definitely patience and self-control that make a huge difference. Happy Day Frugal Friends!

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