Thursday, March 7, 2013

Liam's First Birthday!

Yes, yes, I am deeply saddened that my baby peanut is one year old. (Well in about 2 hours if you want to be exact.)  Now, my family did a lot for me, don't get me wrong. They taught me how to be frugal and I always had what I needed and wanted, within reason.  I got to go to Disney World in 2nd grade, had season passes to a local amusement park, went out to dinner every birthday, and even had season tickets to sporting events. I had an awesome childhood! I do think I spoil Liam, but I have been wanting to do family activities for so long, I think I'm just doing them all his first year!

This year he has already been to two different zoos, the aquarium, the children's museum twice, gymboree, library classes, out to eat (a billion times), and will be going on his first plane ride and Disney World in two short months! What a spoiled peanut!  There is a method to my madness though. I love going these places. Kyle & I went before we had kids, or were even married. So why? I love them, and I always get discounts! All you have to do is a little google, and *bam*, savings! Not to mention, Liam gets to go to all of these places free, and will continue to, until he is about two or three!

For today's agenda-

  • Liam went to his baby class which he loves!
    • It's free at our local library!
  • Then, he came home and opened his presents.  
    • His presents were purchased throughout the year using various coupons (disney store coups, toysrus coups, groupons, you name it!)
  • We then went to lunch at Chilis and spent, wait for it...NOTHING!
    • I had two coupons, one for a free queso, and the other a free dessert. Both from being their e-club member.  I did have to do two seperate transactions, but whatever works! I also got a $25 gift card from my MIL(thanks!), and we got off the lunch menu, so we got our meals, appetizer, desert, and tip for $25, aka, FREE!
  • Now we are headed to the Indianapolis Children's Museum in a bit. 
    • Every first Thursday of each month is Target Thursday.  It is free and they have extended hours from 4-8. FREE?!
The only thing we have to pay for today is gas! I am also about to make Liam's cake, and freeze his smash cake that he will be using Saturday! (a different post on that).

So although my baby is one, and although it is bittersweet, I can not wait to see how he grows, and give him more fabulous birthdays like this one! Happy Day Frugal Friends!

P.S. The Birthday outfit he had on came from our local Once Upon a Child. It has a matching bib and was in the clearance bib for $1!!!! It was 6-9 months, but the boy is still tiny! ;]

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