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Liam's Birthday Party

Hey Frugal Friends. Been a bit, huh? Lots going on around, not really, just laziness really..Anyways. I am finally getting around to posting about Liam's big "Toy Story" Bash.  

*Please note- most almost all ideas are pinterest inspired, I was merely replicating them. The purpose of me sharing them is to show you, you can easily do them yourself without having to dish out a boat load of money!

First and foremost, Liam's cake was inspired by a couple of different cake ideas (1 & 2)
Here was the final result by Faithy Cakes:

The cake served (about) 25 people, and my sister made two dozen cupcakes. I made his smash cake. So for the cake goods for all of our guests (40-50) was around $50. To go even cheaper, you could make the cake yourself, but I wanted one like this just for his first! =)


(By the way, I bought the cupcake stand at Toys R Us on clearance once I decided the theme months before, I think I paid about $3 for it).

Next, I did these cute cards to go in front of the food to match the theme. Here's the inspiration. Here's an example of my products:
I got really creative with these. I even had one that said, "We've got cool ranch & BBQ". A line from the first movie that Andy's mom says before she steps on the green army men. Only something someone would catch if watched this movie a million times!

I spent no money (other than in ink/paper source). I created them in Photoshop and already had leftover card stock from my wedding; and plenty of printer ink! Card stock is a must so they can stand alone. Very cute, simple, CHEAP things that can spice up a party! 

We had lot of things to eat. From "Pizza Planet Pizza" to "Hamm's Wrap-Ups" (pigs in a blanket). All the food was from Aldi, so I only had to add on about $20 to my grocery budget for the month! I also got the pizza from Little Caesars's, so I only spent about $20 there too. Not too bad for feeding about fifty people!

The water bottles were also very simple. For my wedding I made similar ones and also custom bubbles. However, this time I used a hot glue gun instead of a glue stick! I did a whole 24-pack of water in about half an hour (including cutting each one out). I, again, made these in photoshop and just printed them on card stock that I already had.

If you can see, I used old formula cans and added another photoshop/card stock wrapping on it. I put the silverware in it. I had leftover from my dad's party in August. 

Since it was a 1st birthday party, there really wasn't any games, but I wanted something for kids of age to do. I got the idea from this Toy Story Party for "Andy's Art Studio".  I found these printables and hung them up for decoration about the table. I then just google searched "Toy Story coloring pages" and printed a few out of each. I got a 12-pack of 4 crayons from our local Five Below store (kind of like a dollar store) for $3. 

I got the time capsule idea from this pin, and thought it was cute & creative. All I did was take a small formula can, cleaned it out, and cut a whole in the top.  I took my scrap paper from my food cards to use as the slips for people to write on.  I created the Time Capsule card in photoshop on card stock as well. 

If you noticed, most of the decor was purchased. I bought them from Party City, however, I did not pay full price.  I bought the items when they were half off (this promotion happens A LOT, so just check every week or so a couple of months before).  Also, if you spend over $100 you so much off. 

I did not buy all my decor though.  I did use Liam's toys, books, etc as table center pieces to finish the look and give it a cute feel. We also had the movie playing on the TV in the background as well. I also had his frst year slideshow playing on my laptop. I was really pleased with how everything turned out.

Liam's "Thank-You" cards were inspired from this pin.  They were sat at each place setting before guests entered. This way, I did not have to mail them out, and made extra in case someone sent him a card, then I would just send those out. 

I was going to buy Liam this outfit, but found a better one on Etsy. The cost of the custom shirt was $21.

So here's where we are:
Cake, cupcakes, and smash cake: $50
Food: $50
Decor & Balloons: $100
Rental Hall: $100
Custom Shirt: $21

Total Cost: $321
Estimated Value of Party: over $500. 

If I had purchased the original cake with smash cake, it was well over $100 and the decor full price including balloons would have been well over $150.

Ways I could have saved: making my own cake, having party at my home or a friends (was not an option for me this time), used plain table wear instead of character, made my own iron on shirt for him. 

There are several ways I could have saved, but did not for several reasons. If you remember, we moved, so we had the party in my hometown, so a lot of this was just due to time and convenience. 

In the end, it was a great party, except for the fact was son freaked out & hated his whole party! (He never acts like this, EVER!) Either way, him freaking out, caused me to freak out. So my friends, you live & you learn. Next year I will definitely down size and be more aware of how and what to do for throwing a party (this was my first one where I was responsible for all of it of course!), and know that my son needs time to adapt before throwing an awesome party! ;]

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  1. What an adorable birthday party! This would be great to link up to Create It Thursday #19…hope you'll join us!

    1. Thanks so much, Leslie, and thanks for stopping by! I would love to, thanks for the invite! I'll see you there! =]