Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wedded Wednesdays- A 'Dude's' Date Night

Hey all. As a wife and mom, along with the various other things we are, it is sometimes hard to get QT with our hubbies.  My husband and I have been drifting lately, and have even looked into counseling. I do not mind sharing this, now, because I know, for the most part, it happens to everyone.  It is better to give/receive advice, than keep it in and feel stressed.  When you are newlyweds, have a baby, move to a new city, start new jobs, etc all at once, it can put a strain on a marriage.  So instead of nagging or blaming the other person, I have been working on myself, and trying to do small things, and they do make a big difference! So here's my date night, and some ideas for you!

I first got my idea from this site.  #1, build a fort. *Bam* That's where my idea began.  Liam has a circle gate, so I hung our comforter on that. Check.

Then, I decided since I usually am the controller of the movie selection, I would pick out a few of Kyle's favorite movies, and let him choose which one we would watch. ('How to Train Your Dragon' was a rental ;])

Then, of course which every movie date night, popcorn! =)

Since we were out of soda...

Alas, our movie date night, at home, was a go!

So, I put a spin on our usual at home, movie date night, but having the fort, and surprised him by having a "date night" after he had been at work. What guy doesn't like coming home watching an action movie, having a beer after a hard day?

This literally took 5 minutes to put together.  When he got home, I told him to take a shower, and put on his PJs, and let me know when he was ready for his surprise. Even adults like surprises when they're unexpected. 

It's little things like this that are cheap and show much needed appreciation on a marriage.  The same could go for a family movie night (although I'd skip the beer) or for a husband to do for his wife, with wine and a chick flick. 

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