Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Tips

Hey all! Lil Nut had Gymboree today! -Have I ever mentioned this kid has more social events on his calendar than I do... 

 Anyways, we live, literally, 20 seconds away from a Whole Foods. Since we're extremely cheap, we were scared to venture in and check it out, because let's be honest, organic = pricey. So we go in, and the fruit and veggies are reasonably priced for being organic. Only about $0.20 more expensive than Walmart. The meat was okay too, and it is nice knowing that your food actually came from a healthy cow, and not a scary, hormone fed one. 

 For the most part, I don't buy into these "trends" like smothering your kids with hand sanitizer and never letting them touch anything! Eating organic though definitely has it's benefits. Now to the point of this post. I found some cool things there. First off, I got organic green beans. All you have to do is boil them for a few minutes, and they were $2.99 for 1lb. I usually buy the canned or steam able ones, and for a $1 or so more I got organic and it seems I got a lot more for the price. I also got some organic sweet potato fries. Now, I didn't want to feed my child fries so much, so I thought, well sweet potato fries are better than regular, and they were organic. These were $3.99, but they are solely for Liam, so it will take him forever to eat a whole bag, if I can keep his daddy out of them. Next, I found these awesome meals. They come in a tray, and each time, you drop a cube from it, heat it up, and *bam* - baby chicken. They have 12 trays and 6 are chicken and rice & 6 are chicken and spinach, already baby bite sized (ages 9+ months). This was $4.99, but again, will last him a bit. & It was all organic. Overall I spent about $11.

 To me, even buying a few organic things here and there will help. If you have the budget to buy all organic, go for it! I am definitely no saint at keeping my body fit and healthy, but I am trying, and want to show my son how important it is. This is why I try to feed him the best and not have junk, or at least not much at all.

The good news? They also have coupons, in store and online. I also found an awesome article on "How to Extreme Coupon your way through Whole Foods" 

 Here's his lunch =) 
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