Friday, February 22, 2013

Frugal Friday- Library

Hey PC&S readers! Here is our first Frugal Friday here at the new blog, and in general...

Today I wanted to share my new obsession with you all- The Library.

Now reasons why I love the library

  • It's FREE-(enough said, you don't even need to read any further, but in case you do..)
  • Lots of resources (CDs, DVD, Blu Rays, Magazines, books of course)
  • Free classes (baby classes, toddler classes, book clubs, etc)
  • Educational
  • Gets you out of the house
  • Did I mention it's FREE?
Now my frugal friends, my old library, where I used to live, was nothing like my new one/new best friend.  For one, my new library is ginormous. It also has these awesome self-checkouts with a radio frequency.  You set it down, and it automatically picks up, and checks out your book. I have never had to wait in line to check things out.  

They have several copies of books, especially popular ones that a lot of people are likely to be reading at once.  They have new cds, videos, and dvds.  They have an extensive kids collection of cds and dvds as well.  I literally check out between 25-30 items.  I go a couple of times a week.  If you do not have TV, or only have netflix, this can be awesome! Liam doesn't get to watch his favorite show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse anymore, but with the DVDs he can watch one every morning. 

My next favorite thing is the free classes they offer! We live in a big city now, which means there is more than one library within 10 minutes.  The two closest to me, offer children's classes. Liam can sing songs, read stories, and also interact and learn with other kids his age. Best part? It's FREE!

I also was getting tired reading the same books over and over, even though he has probably 100, so we get a few different ones each week to read.

I love getting out of the house and not having to spend a dime! Liam gets to interact with other kids, I get to talk to someone over the age of 1, and we get to spend time together! The library is an awesome place for us who are normally stuck indoors all winter. Even if you don't get much, or don't go but once a week, your little one will love looking around and spending time outside the home, they get stir crazy  too!

So check out your libraries website (if they have one) and see what they have going on!

Have a good weekend my frugal friends! What's your favorite part of the library?

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