Monday, February 18, 2013

Dishwasher- Not Just For Washing Dishes

Since Peanut (& I) have been coughing and snotty(lovely) for the past week, I decided it was time for some over the top cleaning!

Let me just first start out with this, I got this idea from the Frugal Queen herself, Miss Jordan Page from Fun, Cheap, or Free.  I tried it today, and it works amazingly!

  • In Jordan's post, she mentions what items she usually puts in the dishwasher, ya know, besides dishes...and she included:
    • toothbrushes
    • hair brushes (hair removed of course)
    • and last but not least, children's toys.
  • So, I put in all the above, because Lord knows they could have all used it...

May I just mention, that I had much nicer pictures, when it was day time, and I didn't remove half of the things I put in (including toothbrushes), and my stupid SD card erased the photos as soon as I attempted to upload them..awesome. So, due to technical difficulty, I will just list the instructions..erg.

  1. Put in hairbrushes (minus hair), toothbrushes, and kids toys
  2. Make sure the toys are not battery operated, fabric, or have working parts, or several parts for that matter.  
  3. Set your dishwasher on the ligher option, air dry, and light wash.
  4. I added a tiny bit of dish soap as well, and that's it!
You would not believe how lovely my toothbrushes look now, as well as how good I feel about Liam's toys being clean!

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